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The complex Volcano Luxury Suites Milos is located to Palaiochori of Milos, with a view to the beach of the village. Palaiochori’s beach is well – known for its unique volcanic landscape. Amazing, pure, crystal waters, create card postal images to our visitors. Main characteristic of the beach is the red – colored rocks that peak high above the sea. Activities for water – sport fans are recommended. Warm headwaters, offer you a one and only experience! The bed of the sea waits for you to discover too!

Palaiochori is 10km away from Adamanta, in the southern part of the island. Protected by the northern, strong winds, is the most preferable beach by the visitors.

Milos stands out for its shape which reminds a horseshoe. Well – known as the Aphrodite’s island, the statue “Aphrodite of Milos “, situated at the museum of Louvres, was found at Milos island. Stunning deep – blue waters, gold sandy beaches and unexplored caves, wait for you to be explored! Sightseeing starts from Adamanta , the port of Milos. Adamanta is the biggest and safest, natural port of Greece. The village retains its traditional Cycladic architecture and it’s the most touristic site of Milos.

Capital of the island is Plaka, placed on a hill, over Adamanta’s bay. One of the most picturesque places of Cyclades.

Another place worthy to visit is Zefiria, the medieval capital of Milos. There you’ll find the church of Panagia the Portiani, built at the 17th century.

Located at the east of the island, 14km of Plaka, Apollonia, a village by the sea, remarkable for the beauty of its scenery and its archaeological findings, waits for you! There you will find the remainings of the ancient city Filakopis.

One of the most beautiful areas of Milos is Achivadolimni, named by the lake which bed is full of clams. Meet the landscapes of the island which are accessible only by boats. The most known of them, Kleftiko! An extraordinary scenery, is created because of the white rocks that rise ominously from the sea.

Sikia is one of the largest sea caves of Milos. Papafraga Cave, apparted from 3 smaller caves, is a place of incomparable beauty. Its characteristic white rocks which look like natural sculptures make the scenery magical.

Top of the top beaches of the island, and one of the most beautiful in the world, with unparalleled beauty, is Sarakiniko. At the North coast of the island, only 5klm from Adamantas. White volcanic rocks create a lunar scenery that takes your breath away. Because of its uniqueness, Sarakiniko is one of the most visited and photographed place in Cyclades.

The most important religious monument of the island are the catacombs where in the early Christian period, Christians used them as a shelter, in order to protect themselves. You’ll find the catacombs located in Klima village.

So many surprises expect you when you come to Milos! Have the opportunity to explore our villages and beaches by visiting us and live the experience of a lifetime.

Palaiochori , Milos

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